Winner of "The Zone Sci Fan Film Race 2016" This film was created in a single week with a certain set of criteria.
Must be Science fiction genre.
Must have a character named "Luke/Leia Cochrane, a Theoretical Physicist"
Must contain the spoken line of dialogue, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

The Last Day is about a man alone in an apocalyptic world where extraterrestrials rule the earth.

The story of a girl lost to her world...and found by legends. Based on the novella by J.M. Bailey

Official video for Daylight Down's "Demon You Love". Shot and Directed by John Hale and Rival Studios. Recorded at J. Lincoln Studios, Houston Texas.

Official video for Saturate's "Unyielding"
Shot by John Hale and Alvin G. Morris, Directed by Dominic Orozco. Produced by Rival Studios.